Installing Kirby on a PC

Chances are pretty high that most of the Windows users are using XAMPP as their preferred local environment for web development.

Installing XAMPP

The installation of XAMPP is really straightforward. You just have to download and unpack it. Then start the installer and follow the upcoming instructions. Afterwards you'll have to launch the control panel and start the Apache. Done!

Download Kirby

Grab the latest Kirby version!

Copy ALL files

You will find the source of Kirby in your download folder.

Copy all files from the kirby-2.x.x folder and add them to your corresponding C:\xampp\htdocs\kirby-project folder.

That's basically all you need to do to install Kirby with XAMPP. You should now be able to access it at: http://localhost/kirby-project in your browser.

Further reading

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